You can reach us

by bus number 30 (at Karmeliterplatz) or any tramline (at Hauptplatz)

Our office hours are

Monday: 1pm–5pm
Wednesday and Friday: 8.30 am–1 pm

What we offer

“Kinderdrehscheibe” informs you about childcare and child education facilities in Styria, as well as holiday care and recreational activities.
We offer information about locations, office hours (which might differ depending on the season), the costs, free spots, number of children in the groups, inclusion of disabled children and the educational focus of the respective facilities.
We also offer counselling about child care allowance.
On our website you will find a babysitter platform as well as a platform for holiday care programs. Once a year our brochure is issued. It is called “Platz? Da! Bildungs- und Betreuungseinrichtungen für Kinder, Steiermark“, and offers an overview of child education and child care options. All services of “Kinderdrehscheibe “are free.
A pre-registration is not necessary.